Zafar Ali Khan

A highly qualified professional (UK qualified Chartered Accountant and a Graduate of Harvard Business School of Business Administration, Harvard University, USA) with over 35 years of rich and diversified experience of finance, corporate management, policy formulation, investment planning, privatization, and power regulation. 

Mr. Khan has an ideal blend of academic and professional qualifications with working experiences for private, public sectors and the government within the country and abroad.

He retired in 2011 after working for National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) as a Member of the Authority for over five years (including Acting Chairman/Vice Chairman). He has worked as a Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer, Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) for about four years.  He served as a Federal Secretary, Ministry of Privatization, Government of Pakistan and as a Member, Privatization Commission for four years. He has acted as Business Leader for nine years as Chief Executives of three large Engineering Companies, i.e. Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC), Heavy Foundry & Forge (HFF) and Heavy Electrical Complex (HEC).

He is well versed and has abiding knowledge and requisite experience of the legal, financial, commercial and corporate governance issues involving Pakistan’s professional, industrial, investment and public sectors.

Mr. Khan has worked extensively in the U.K., Middle East and Pakistan with reputable international professional firms of Chartered Accountants (A.F. Ferguson, Moore Stephens, Price Waterhouse) and attended various international conferences and successfully managed International Privatization Road Shows.