While we provide peace of mind through taking care of the usual accounting and tax compliance matters, our real value lies in seeking to help you address business challenges and uncover opportunities. We do this by developing a deep understanding of your needs, challenges and ambitions and take a proactive approach in working with you across all facets of the business. By offering fresh insights and perspectives combined with practical and pragmatic advice we can assist you to make critical business decisions with confidence. 

Our business advisory services

At RSM we work closely with our clients to turn around the performance of their non-performing businesses or business units. Our well experinced team immerses itself indepth into the strategic, operational and financial levels of strategies to turn around busniess performance in the most efficent manner. We have a number of businesses and case studies where we have been able to steer our distressed clients towards stronger financial positions.

Developing and updating policies and procedures are often set a ower prioity due to lack of resources and time. Establishing clear and consistent policies and procedures is a key factor for operating a successful organization.

Here at RSM our expert and experinced team can assit you weither you are an organization with a need to build policies and procedures from scratch due to changes in your business or a newly enacted regulatory requirement. Or you may just need to update or enhance existing policies and procedures due to changes within your business environment.

Feasibility studies aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or a proposed venture. Here at RSM our Risk Advisory team will understand your work methodlogy and goals to give you the an accurate assesment of your ideas; whether you are planning to expand your revenue streams, setting up a stand alone project or starting up into a new business venture.

Our feasibility studies will assist you in assessing the merit of your business idea by determining the market and financial viablity which ultimatly will prove whether the project is worth investing your time and money.

A well defined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) ensures processes being completed correctly while minimizing variability and maximizing quality. Here at RSM we believe that SOPs are the key to profitability and a sustained growth.

Our well experienced team will ensure a standardisation of activity throughout your business enabling accurate data reporting. SOPs will allow resources to be managed in order to reduce training times/learning curves and aide in making task delegation an efficient process. With helping Managers and Directors focus on business development rather than just daily tasks, our services would safeguard your business longevity as well as the experience your clients will have with you.