Crimes against businesses are increasing and is an issue that every organisation large or small should be addressing. The impact of business crime can include major financial loss, compliance and regulatory infringement and even criminal proceedings.

In addition to fraud and crime, organisations are also experiencing disputes and professional negligence claims. This should be tackled in an expert, factual and concise manner.

Risk management professionals at RSM can provide investigative solutions to meet the legal standards required for criminal prosecutions, civil recovery or disciplinary sanctions around the globe. With experience in many diverse areas including advice on fraud risk reduction and fraud prevention, money laundering, whistle blowing referrals, theft, surveillance and corruption, they provide proactive and reactive solutions to your most difficult fraud related problems, whatever they may be.

Fraud prevention and investigation and forensic professionals are involved in many civil and criminal cases, utilising accounting, auditing and investigative skills, relevant to the country in question, when conducting an investigation.

Our forensic accounting teams look beyond the numbers, deal with the business reality of the situation and deliver independent opinions in clear terms. We provide an expert forensic accounting service to organisations and professional advisers across the world.

  • Fraud prevention and investigation
  • Corporate integrity and security arrangements reviews
  • Computer forensic investigations in criminal cases, civil litigation and employment proceedings
  • Assessment of loss of profit and earnings claims
  • Quantification of commercial claims
  • Valuation of businesses including partner and shareholder disputes
  • Assessment of matrimonial disputes
  • Investigation and recommendations in professional negligence claims
  • Quantification of benefit and available assets in confiscation matters
  • Royalty and licensing audits