We help to ensure a steady course towards sustained profitability, the attainment of goals and achievement of the organization’s mission. With a sound internal audit function, an organization can successfully promote efficiency, reduce the risk of asset loss, ensure the reliability of financial statements, and comply with regulations.

Increasing level of competition and stringent regulatory requirements have created new challenges to the sustainability of value. We enable you to operate more effectively by the designing and putting in place of holistic processes that enhance organizational capabilities through risk assessment and a proper risk management design.

Our professionals have a solid track record of aiding business owners evaluate and create value for their businesses.

Our internal audit services

As technology and business environments have changed, so has the need to adapt our approach to conducting internal audits. The COSO framework released in 2013 provides an update to the existing framework to take into consideration the changes in the complex working environments of today, versus 1992. Thus, the 2013 COSO release should not be viewed as a new framework, but instead, as an enhancement to the existing framework. These enhancements consider the changes in business and operating environments with the intent to improve governance beyond financial reporting, improve the quality of the risk assessment and strengthen anti-fraud efforts. 

Institutions that have not implemented a formal internal control framework should consider implanting the COSO framework for their institution. While other frameworks do exist, the COSO framework is the most widely accepted and used. The 2013 COSO framework will assist in identifying areas of weakness and opportunities for improvements to strengthen operational performance, anti-fraud efforts and adaptability for changing trends. Implementing a framework will also assist in enhancing communications between management, the board and external parties. 

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists can assess your current internal controls landscape and collaborate with you to develop and execute a work plan unique to your situation, and help you optimally comply with the 2013 COSO Framework

We at RSM help you outsource some or all of the internal Audit function. This has helped many of clients to adapt an effective technique that not only achieves a high performing internal Audit function but also helps to reduced costs while utilizing the right mix of skills and knownledge. 

By liasing with the RSM team our clients benefit from our world class , global internal audit resources and capabilities, which allows management resources to be redeployed to other more strategic uses.

At RSM we strive to promote a culture of honest and ethical behavior, along with helping our clients to identify and manage risk. 

Our Compliance Advisory Team (CAT) has years of experience of monitoring, coordinating and encouraging operational compliance activities for all parts of the client's business. The CAT not only advises senior management and stakeholders of the effectiveness of the compliance efforts but also works closely with the operational compliance owners to strategically build and improve compliance policies.

We can perform the quality assurance review ourselves or validate your own internal audit function’s self-assessment. Our internal audit professionals have experience working with organizations of all types and sizes – in most every industry – in Afghanistan and worldwide through our association with RSM International. 

We’ll help you capture the benefits of an assurance review so you can take your internal audit department’s performance to the next level.

Scrutiny from industry regulators and pressure from stakeholders to limit risk are unprecedented. At RSM, our risk assessment consultants provide customized risk management advice to the boards of directors. Our services are designed to support your strategic goals, helping you: 

  • Anticipate and meet evolving risk and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Add value to operating and compliance processes 
  • Maintain the security of your most valuable information assets 

Our risk assessment services combine in-depth industry experience, a collaborative, risk-based approach and flexible options — all designed to minimize risk without stifling legitimate growth opportunities.

A sustainable, top-down, risk-based Sarbanes-Oxley compliance program can be leveraged to reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

At RSM, we've collaborated with our clients on more than 1,000 Sarbanes-Oxley compliance assessments. This experience means our professionals have the knowledge to help your organization create and implement a new SOX compliance program. 

If you already have a SOX compliance program in place, we can help improve the efficacy of your existing program. At RSM, we customize our Sarbanes-Oxley compliance consulting to meet your organization's unique needs, and work with your external auditor to help ensure your program complies with all SOX 404 regulations.