A good external audit should provide impartiality, integrity, expertise, and assurance to the client in question. At RSM, our external audit function is designed to deliver just that, with each of our external audit specialists trained to the internationally accredited level that the wider RSM team is known for.

Understand what you’re getting into

We provide external financial audits that allow you to truly understand a company, to the extent that you have as good a grip on their financials as your own. We produce honest and actionable assessments of the current financial health of the business in question, identifying both efficiencies and deficiencies in their financial controls and processes.

Through meticulous analysis, we will build you a detailed picture of a company’s true strengths and weaknesses going forward, which will allow you to make any number of key decisions based on matters of investment and/or lending.

With decades of experience across a global platform, we know that every project and subject matter tells a different story. Our specialists will work tirelessly to understand your precise external audit requirements, while the services we offer stretch well beyond the realm of traditional financial audits. Our core external auditing and assurance services include:

·       Auditing of individual and consolidated annual accounts and related reports.

·       Regular audits under principles applicable in IFRS, IPSAS and other frames of financial information

·       Auditing in the public sector: financial audits, budgetary and of normative compliance with the verification of allocation and control of public funds.

·       Audit and review of reporting packages.

·       External customer service audits

RSM are internationally accredited external audit specialists

Our external audit function represents just one part of our wider audit and assurance department – a group of specialized teams that have built their respective names in the global industry through years of dedication and expertise. At RSM, we value long-term relationships over all else, which creates numerous benefits to you as a client.

After all, we can’t build long-term business without short-term results. Thus, every single one of our external audits is carried out to the highest standards, with the intention that this won’t be our last project with you.

How can we help you?

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