RSM’s audit function offers a variety of legally required report services to our clients, offering assistance with reports relating to labor code, money laundering, financial control, tax and insurance. Our legally required reports specialists are highly experienced across all the key entities tied to legal audit report production, allowing you to offer and attain full transparency as and where it’s required.

Offering improved clarity to investors through detailed legally required reports solutions

All of our work adheres to the latest EU legislation on legal audit reports and legal cases related to audit reports, meaning each of our audit reports must detail matters of material misstatement and financial irregularities up to and including fraud. All of our legally required reports solutions are based off of RSM’s position as an internationally accredited expert in the global professional practice market.

Reports required by the labor code

Our legally required reports services look to help endorse the ongoing EU directive of achieving high employment and strong social protections, improvement of living and working conditions and protection of social cohesion.

Money laundering act

Our legally required reports specialists offer expert insight into areas of the money laundering act, financial protections against money laundering and alerting clients to any misuse of the financial markets.

Reports of financial control of subsidized entities

Legally required reports solutions for financial processes, procedures and policies for government subsidized entities.

Reports related to the Indirect Services Tax of insurance entities

With the global emphasis on taxation gradually shifting from direct tax to indirect tax, we can offer legal audit report counsel on all matters relating to indirect tax for client entities.

To understand more about our legally required report services and how we can advise on legal cases related to audit reports, contact our wider audit function today.

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