Fraud management and prevention is one of the main concerns in modern business. Across the global market, organizations are continuing to increase measures for controlling, preventing and combating fraud. Indeed, adopting in depth fraud management support through the help of corporate forensic professionals is now one of the cornerstones of any successful large operation.

RSM’s corporate forensic services department offers specialized services in corporate and financial fraud detection and investigation. We also provide assistance as independent experts in resolving judicial or non-judicial litigations or conflicts of an economic-financial nature.

Our corporate forensic professionals have extensive experience in forensic audit, damage assessment and quantification, regulatory compliance, process analysis, fraud risks and controls and forensic analysis of systems. In essence, we’ve built our fraud investigation services and forensic advisory to reflect the importance and sensitivity of the subject at hand. That’s why our fraud investigation specialists will leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating bespoke forensic business solutions for your operation.

Forensic business solutions to address all fraud related challenges

At RSM, we collaborate with companies in managing the risk of fraud at different stages of the process:

·       Assessment

·       Prevention

·       Detection

·       Investigation

Through this every-stage approach, our corporate forensic services allow you to address and overcome every fraud related risk facing your business, meaning you can move forward with confidence.

Our corporate forensic services

Dispute services

Addressing matters primarily relating to quantum and professional negligence, our dispute services team are supported by the wider RSM framework and assist on all stages of a dispute. This can include an initial estimate, mediation, or analysis upon the commencement of formal proceedings at court or arbitration.


Our fraud investigation services look into fraud-related financial irregularities at the corporate level, also engaging with regulators and the public sector. Our team works at any scale, from employee level to major international investigations.

Proactive fraud services

Forensic business solutions are always best delivered proactively rather than reactively, thus our corporate forensic professionals deliver a variety of mitigation strategies based off of the unique challenges facing your sector.

These include fraud awareness programs, governance reviews, fraud and bribery risk assessments and introductions to cyber fraud and crime tools.

Asset tracing

Our asset-tracing service helps businesses recover assets held beyond desirable parameters. These can be assets held within Andorra or overseas, allowing for successful financial recovery following the likes of an external claim.

Business intelligence services

Designed to aid due diligence carried out during fraud or anti-corruption investigations, our team offers investigative services in order to gather intelligence on integrity ahead of such cases.

Forensic technology

Our forensic technology experts endeavor to recover and analyze electronic information relating to fraud in civil proceedings. As an increasingly important service as use of electronic information becomes more prominent, we can report on all forms of digital based evidence, including metadata, data provenance, internet activity, destruction of evidence and copying.

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