The importance of installing the correct internal control system in your organization cannot be overstated. Effective risk advisory, risk management and the associated controls are vital to ensuring your business performs as it should, yet many entities are guilt of not having reviewed or tested the efficacy of their internal processes in a significant amount of time.

Of course, carrying out an efficient analysis of your current internal control and risk-management procedures takes time and resources which you may not have. RSM’s internationally accredited risk-management services offer our clients internal control solutions that ensure their risks are effectively managed via a robust, reliable, and detailed audit.

Our risk-management specialists understand the emerging risks in your sector

With a remarkable 2020 in the books, businesses across virtually all industries are facing more economic turbulence and uncertainty than ever. Couple that with the need to comply with an increasing abundance of regulations and the growing threat of cyber security, and it’s clear that having the right tools in place to combat industry relevant risk is more essential than ever.

Our ability to gather an in-depth and accurate picture of the risk environment for each one of our clients allows us to provide you with the assurance and advice to mitigate the risks that matter most to you, allowing you to move forward with confidence. Our expertise is far reaching, ranging from advisory for financial services risk management through to collaboration with companies in the field of integrated risk management and improved control systems. Our risk advisory team provide services that cover all areas of internal control in auditing, spanning internal audit, financial services compliance, technology risk and international development funding.

Internal control solutions

We are able to put various internal control systems in place, including:

·       Reporting on the internal control and risks of the companies in question.

·       Evaluating policies and procedures.

·       Internal control reviews, offering palpable internal control solutions by way of adaptation and improvement.

Risk-management solutions

Through RSM, you can employ comprehensive risk-management services, including:

·       Designing and implementing enterprise risk-management (ERM) systems.

·       Integrated risk management (IRM), allowing you to optimize your internal decision making and performance.

·       Installing compliance programs surrounding key regulatory requirements.

Through a clear and defined process which will always remain fully transparent to you, our risk-management specialists will endeavour to delivery dynamic and proactive risk management and internal control solutions to your business. If your internal controls haven’t been tested for some time, there is no time like the present for a complete review.

At RSM, we are global experts in providing robust and reliable assurance services to our clients. Contact us today to find out more.

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