RSM Bahrain’s auditing solutions and assurance services are designed around your business and its priorities. That means, with our dedicated assistance, you can unearth risks, generate powerful strategies, and enable the lasting prosperity of your business.

Discover the power of being understood with RSM Bahrain’s auditing services.

Our approach to professional auditing and assurance services

Whether you are a growing business searching for investment, wish to assure stakeholders of your performance, or want to understand risks and legislation, we can help.

While our passion for corporate auditing services is at the heart of RSM Bahrain, is our thorough technical knowledge, forensic methodology, and integrated team structure that ensures you benefit from all our experience.

Our audit specialists will embed themselves within your organization to gain a deep understanding of your business and its finances. We ensure our financial auditing is carried out correctly by thoroughly evaluating our clients, planning out the necessary procedures and the information required, and evaluating all available audit evidence.

You will then receive clear audit assurance conclusions that describe your economic and financial position with complete accuracy, as well as actionable recommendations that help your business grow stronger.

Why choose RSM Bahrain for your audit assurance services?

Professional auditing should be worth far more than money you pay for it, and our approach is designed from the ground up to deliver exceptional value.

RSM’s audit specialists are methodical, experienced, and keenly aware of the pressures and opportunities inherent across your sector. They understand that relationships matter, and collaboration brings success.

We are one of the leading audit assurance companies in Bahrain, and benefit from being part of the RSM International network – the sixth largest in the world. That is one reason why our clients trust us, but since all our audit assurance services are based on and adhere to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), every service is guaranteed compliant too.

Tailored corporate auditing services in Bahrain

With RSM Bahrain, gain from the expertise of the country’s leading audit specialists, and a network spanning 120 countries, 860 offices, and 51,000 people.

RSM Bahrain’s range of statutory and non-statutory auditing solutions and assurance services are designed to provide a 360-degree view of your finances, granting you the power of being understood.

  • Audits and reviews of financial statements
  • Revenue certification for landlords and vendors
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Compilation of financial statements
  • IFRS implementation of new standards
  • Service organization control reports
  • KSA Origin Report for Exporters as per ZTCA guidelines
  • Special purpose audits – such as client money, employee benefit plans and so forth.

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