Whatever financial transactions your business is planning, you need to be sure they are carried out in a compliant, efficient manner. RSM Bahrain’s finance advisory services can be trusted to ensure the best possible outcome.

With decades of experience and the ability to call upon the global RSM International Network, we are on hand to provide inventive and effective corporate finance management.

Our approach to corporate finance advisory services

At RSM Bahrain, our way of providing corporate financial services is based on holisticness, flexibility, cooperation, and relationships. It is these qualities that ensure you gain an accurate business valuation, trusted M&A transaction support, effective corporate finance management, or otherwise.

Whether you are making an acquisition, forming a strategic alliance, raising or investing capital, or releasing funds through a sale or restructuring, you need authoritative corporate finance advisory support that is sound, practical and innovative.

Companies all over the world rely on RSM's corporate finance and transaction support services. From pre-deal evaluation through to completion and post-deal integration or separation, we are here to help at every stage of your transaction.

Our corporate finance specialists perform complex valuations of businesses, ownership interests, debt and equity securities, and intangible assets. They combine specific market and sector knowledge with specialist technical experience. This ensures you gain the right match of technical, commercial, and operational capabilities for your unique situation.

Our corporate finance support services

Designed to assist across your corporate structure and business affairs, our finance advisory services include:

·       Business and asset valuations

·       Financial, tax, and legal due diligence reviews

·       M&A transaction support

·       Purchase price allocation for financial reporting

·       Valuation of financial instruments

Why select RSM Bahrain’s corporate finance advisory services?

Corporate finance management requires a deep understanding of the sector, business, and the legal landscapes affecting both. From business valuations to M&A transaction support, it calls for a firm foundation of knowledge and expertise – the only means of ensuring the effectiveness and compliance of corporate financial activity.

RSM’s expert team are well-versed in providing corporate finance advisory support to businesses large and small. We’ve worked across countless industries providing a leading service built on collaboration and flexibility, and in doing so have enabled the growth and success of our clients.

We are leaders in Bahrain’s corporate finance services industry but are also part of the sixth largest corporate financial services network in the world, RSM International. A group of experts 51,000-strong, with bases across 120 countries, it is what sets us apart from other finance advisory services and enables us to provide the international services corporations require.

And because you need to be sure every decision you make based on our advice is legally sound, all our services are based on the Institute of Internal Auditors’ (IIA) International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) and all International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Talk to our professional corporate finance specialists

Trust RSM Bahrain to adeptly and beneficially guide your business activity with our expert finance advisory services. With our experts, learn the power of being understood.

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