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If you think Accountancy is boring, repetitive and outdated, you are completely wrong. Our Accountants offer bookkeeping and accounting services for a range of SMEs, private companies and public sector organisations. We believe that the quality of a company’s bookkeeping is a sign of their performance and culture. We’re proactive in coming up with simplified, streamlined accounting processes for our clients' business.


As one of the world’s leading audit services firms, we know that providing good advice and the right diagnosis for our clients' business is impossible without a high-quality audit. If you think audit is all about repetition, numbre crunching and administration, then you aren't looking far enough. Numbers tell a story, they show business life as it is, and are a gift for our trusted advisors to give valuable insights and aim for better. 


Internal Services is the heart of our company. Every day we ensure that our organisation and our consultants can excel and thrive by supporting them in their daily operations. When we say we, we say Finance, HR, IT, Marketing & Communications, Quality, Monitoring, Compliance, DPO, Logistics and RSM Belgium Academy. 


At IT Advisory we identify and manage the risks that organisations face. Our team consistents of experienced professionals across all technology risk disciplines, including areas such as cyber security, information security, data analytics and social media. We have the knowledge and practical experience to help manage our clients' IT risks before they become a problem. In addition to seasoned auditors, our team includes individuals with a practical background.


We at Sustainability believe we can make a difference by maintaining control over CO2 and believing that every sustainable step brings us closer to a carbon neutral environment. We help organisations control their ecological footprint while respecting the wellness of their fellow human beings.


We provide a range of tax services, with a wealth of experience in both indirect and direct taxation. Our tax assistance varies from corporate and personal income tax returns, to planning corporate structures and finding potential profit opportunities. We also assist with VAT registration, ensuring compliance with Belgian regulations and offering advice on both national and international VAT law.



Personalised service is at the heart of RSM Transactions. Why? Simple. It's all about our clients' business and their future plans. We help clients determine the value of their company, we assist with mergers and acquisitions and assist them in the sale of their company. At Transactions we are genuinely interested in what entrepeneurs have to say. 


Learn all about our profession and discover life at RSM Belgium. An internship is the ideal way to explore whether the consultancy world is something for you. It gives you the opportunity to put theory into practice, taste our culture, collaborate with different experts in the field and discover the life of an Auditor, Accountant, Tax Consultant, Data Analyst or HR professional, to name some. 

And last but not least, you'll learn a lot about yourself, on a personal and professional level. 

Warda - Team Assistant

“At RSM, we are one family. Everyone is there to help each other and I find that really cool. That is our strength.”