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RSM in Belgium provide audit and assurance services to a huge variety of businesses across the private, public and non-profit sectors. As one of the world’s leading audit services firms, we know that providing good advice and the right diagnosis for your business is impossible without a high-quality audit.

Our experienced team are committed to providing efficient and innovative auditing services, strictly adhering to the professional standards of the 7th largest international audit network. We take the time to understand how your business operates, allowing us to tailor our audit services in line with the size and nature of your business.

We are appointed by:

  • The FSMA for the audit of pension funds and MiFID Review
  • The OCM/CDZ for the audit of mutual insurance

Take a look at the auditing services we offer:

Legal Audits

  • Legal audits of annual and consolidated accounts
  • Legal missions provided for in the Companies Code
  • Certified legal auditing of mutual insurance, hospitals, insurance companies and pension funds
  • Fost Plus and Val-I-Pac certification

Audit services and advice tailored to individual needs

  • Certification and assistance in preparing IFRS financial statements
  • Analysis of business processes and risks: internal control procedures, financial stability, profitability analysis and investments
  • Assistance with internal control and compliance obligations, Sarbanes-Oxley, banking compliance
  • Monitoring compliance with MiFID conduct of business rules
  • Auditing of management tools, performance indicators and financing
  • Restructuring of companies in difficulty, business audits and preparation of strategic development plans
  • Auditor certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council
  • Brupart certified adviser

Computer system and IT audits

IT audits include risk assessment, security assessment, conformity checks, data analysis, data
mining. CISA certified.

Forensic audits

Forensic audits for the detection and prevention of fraud and illegal acts.

Sustainable development audit and advisory services

Assistance with sustainable development auditing.



Please feel free to consult our general sales terms and conditions for providing services :  General conditions for audit services  


Assurance Insights March 2020: Postponement of Shareholders’ and members’ Meetings

30 March 2020
The Minister of Justice has issued special powers decrees to enable entities to postpone the date of the general meetings. Based initially on an end of confinement on April 19, 2020; it is obvious, however, that a postponement of this date is possible depending on the future measures that the government may be led to take.

Assurance Insights March 2020: LOCKDOWN : How to organize Directors’ and Shareholders’ Meetings

30 March 2020
Following the COVID-19 outbreak and the recently imposed lockdown, companies might find themselves in precarious circumstances hindering the organization of physical board meetings and the annual general meeting of shareholders.

Assurance Insights – February 2019 : Companies, non profit organisations, international non profit organisations, trusts and fiducies : UBO Register

28 February 2019
The deadline for the first submissions by Belgian companies, (international) nonprofit organizations, foundations and trusts of information concerning their beneficial owner(s) to the UBO-Register (“Central register of ultimate beneficial owners”) has been extended. The deadline has been postponed from 31 March to 31 September 2019.

Assurance Insights November 2018 : Companies, non profit organisations, international non profit organisations, trusts and fiducies : New obligations of transparency : UBO Register

8 November 2018
In the context of anti-money laundering legislation, the Belgian Act of 18 September 2017 implementing the fourth anti-money laundering directive (Directive 2015/849 of the European Parliament and the Council of 20 Mei 2015) planned the constitution of the “ultimate beneficial owners” Register (so-called “UBO Register”).

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