Assurance Insights March 2020: Postponement of Shareholders’ and members’ Meetings

The Minister of Justice has issued special powers decrees to enable entities to postpone the date of the general meetings.

Based initially on an end of confinement on April 19, 2020; it is obvious, however, that a postponement of this date is possible depending on the future measures that the government may be led to take.

The decrees provide for two options to hold general meetings:

  • The general meeting can be held on the statutory date in compliance with the confinement measures, that is to say by electronic means. The board of directors should ensure that shareholders or members can exercise their voting rights and ask questions.
  • The general meeting can be postponed up to a maximum of 10 weeks after June 30, 2020.

Regarding the board of directors, it is confirmed that decisions can be taken:

  • Unanimously in writing
  • By majority by means of electronic communication ensuring the possibility of holding discussions.



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