RSM announces the launch of a new business unit, "RSM InterSustainability".

RSM Belgium is the first audit & consultancy company in Belgium to provide complete sustainability advice


With the launch of RSM InterSustainability, the consultancy group is responding to the ever-growing importance of sustainability in companies. Sustainability and climate control are increasingly becoming an absolute necessity for business operations.  RSM InterSustainability will guide companies towards a 100 percent climate-neutral business.  It is very important that the interventions are not at the expense of the comfort of the employees. 

« RSM InterSustainability is based on the well-being of the employees in a company. Our starting point is the employee and not just a strategy-driven by technology or financial elements. For example, how can energy consumption for heating, lighting or ventilation in offices be adjusted without affecting the comfort of the employees and still reducing greenhouse gas emissions », says Gert Van den Berg, CEO RSM Belgium. 

Sustainable entrepreneurship has been on the agenda of RSM Belgium for some time. The audit & consultancy group already produces non-financial reports for numerous Belgian companies. It examines, among other things, how the flow of goods proceeds, how, for example, paper and waste are processed and what impact it has on the ecological footprint. With the foundation of RSM InterSustainability, the services under the leadership of Erwin De Bock are now being extended to a full guided process. The expansion of the classic consultancy “package” is made possible by a joint venture with the Ghent byNubian. 

« Bringing together the knowledge of RSM, and the technology of byNubian, we have been able to develop the first "real-time" solution that seamlessly connects energy production and consumption with comfort and insights into the environmental footprint. By applying Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to this collected data, we can detect operational inefficiencies » says Rik Vereecken, partner at byNubian. 

This know-how & technology was used to develop a unique tool. RSM InterSustainability is the first in the world to offer companies solutions to tackle the entire process in phases. The first step is an audit of the current situation. This process does not only look at the office buildings and technical installations, but all business processes are analysed. After all, sustainable entrepreneurship does not stop at the door of companies. The collaboration with suppliers should also be done in a sustainable manner. The collected data is then analysed and leads to recommendations that indicate where the company can drastically reduce its carbon footprint and keep carbon taxes under control. This results in a company with satisfied employees that continues to grow and evolve into a sustainable and climate-conscious organisation.

« Striving for climate neutrality is becoming an absolute "must" for companies. We are the first to approach sustainable entrepreneurship in this way. Thanks to the unique combination of technology and consultancy, you get an instrument that delivers results and safeguards the comfort of employees » concludes Gert Van den Berg.



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