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Tax Insights - 05-2019 - Forms 281.50 – Financial year 2018

Each years, companies have to report on individual forms 281.50 the amount of commissions, brokerage, fees, trade rebates, vacation allowances, fees, gratuities, allowances or benefits in kind paid or attributed during the year and which are considered as taxable professional income for the beneficiary.

For the payments performed during the year 2018, the tax authorities fixed the final deadline to establish and to file the individual forms 281.50 on 27 June 2019

Companies which does not comply with the obligation of filing could be subject to specific sanctions. Indeed, tax authorities can submit the company to a separate assessment of 103% on the expenses non justified in a form (or 51,5% in case the beneficiary is a legal entity). 

If our office is usually responsible for filing your fee forms, your file manager will assure the correct filing thereof, within the legal terms.

If you would like to receive additional information on this matter, or if you would like our assistance with the completion of the formalities related to forms 281.50, the tax team of RSM Belgium stays at your disposal ([email protected]). 

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