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Tax Insights June 2020 - Summer scheme for VAT reporting obligations

During the summer holidays, it can often be difficult for businesses to ensure proper monitoring of their VAT obligations. 

In order to ease the reporting obligations with regard to Belgian VAT during this period, the VAT administration allows you to submit your VAT returns until the following dates (unless you have a monthly VAT refund license or 

VAT return and ESL

Final date for filing

June 2020 10 August 2020 (normal deadline: 20 July 2020)
2nd quarter 2020 10 August 2020 (normal deadline: 20 July 2020)
July 2020

10 September 2020 (normal deadline: 20 August 2020)







The payment of the VAT due must be made according to the normal deadlines. If payment is made after the normal deadline, late payment interest will be automatically imposed.  

These late payment interest will be cancelled automatically by the administration if the following conditions are cumulatively met: 

  1. The VAT return has been submitted on the day of the final filing date at the latest;
  2. Payment of the VAT amount still due for the returns for previous quarters/months was made before the normal due date;
  3. Payment of an amount corresponding at least to the amount of VAT resulting from the last VAT return was made before the normal due date (20 July/ 20 August);
  4. The remaining VAT amount due resulting from the VAT return is paid at the latest on the final date of filing of this return.


In the light of the above, please note that it is not always advisable to pay the VAT amount corresponding to the previous VAT return by the normal due date. Indeed, if the VAT amount resulting from the previous period exceeds the VAT amount due for that period, making an advance payment corresponding to the last VAT return on 20 July or 20 August would have a disadvantageous cash flow impact.

If you would like to receive additional information on this matter, the tax team of RSM Belgium is at your disposal: [email protected]


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