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11 November 2017
New VAT exemption procedure On 19 July 2017, the Belgian government has published the new procedure regarding the VAT exemption for diplomatic missions.
10 November 2017
Kick-off of the 23rd edition of the Conference of the Parties What was in stake in the previous editions?
25 October 2017
Law of September, 3rd 2017 Belgium has translated the European Directive related to the publication of non-financial information and diversity information for some large entities in the law of September, 3rd 2017. This law amends article 96 of the...
25 October 2017
Totally unexpected, after the meeting of the core cabinet last weekend, the Belgian government has abandoned the long awaited optional regime applying VAT to immovable letting for business purposes.
30 July 2017
Measures taken in the summer agreement of 26 July 2017 Corporate Income Tax Rate:
26 February 2017
Tax changes further to Program Law of 25 December 2016 Other tax changes applicable as from 1st January 2017 Measures and changes expected in 2017 Should you want any further information on these new tax measures, please feel free to contact RSM...
5 February 2017
Obligation to perform prepayments for quarterly taxpayers New rules applicable as from April 1, 2017   If you would like to receive additional information on this matter or VAT assistance, the tax team of RSM Belgium is at your disposal.   Read our...
29 January 2017
As from 9 January 2017, the EORI identification is also required to perform import of goods. If you would like to receive additional information on this matter or an assistance to prepare the EORI identification request, the Tax team of RSM Belgium...
30 December 2016
What is the new structure ? What are the differences between G4 and GRI standards ? How to use/reference the standards?   Read more :


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