RSM Egypt

RSM World Day 2018

This event has finished.

RSM World Day 2018

Our RSM World day activities were held at our new office here in Cairo were we spent the day doing the following:

  • Our employees (50 employee) will be divided into 5 groups of 10
  • Our location is divided into 6 stations (a table and an umbrella) with one of the games stated below
    • Station 1
      • RSM Questions, we shall develop the game questions from the information's stated in the RSM Website. questions will be presented in an answers or multiple choice. Note: questions cards will be printed on A3 paper size inside the office (heavy material from the stationary).
    • Station 2
      • Blind Folded Cups. Two team members will be inside the grid field blind folded & at the rest of the team will guid them from outside the grid border to reach the other side without steeping on the cups inside the grid.
    • Station 3
      • Selfie Board ( cards & pins to write positive memories of working at RSM)
    • Station 4
      • Numbering from 1 to 100 without repeating , skipping or saying two numbers in a sequence. 
    • Station 5
      • Cup Tower: building a tower cup using cups & wooden sticks.
    • Station 6
      • Two Truth & a lie about RSM.        
  • Each team will play the games at all stations and win a piece of the puzzle to create the full banner of RSM World Day


Event location

Capital Business Park, Building 2, Office 405
Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt