We aim to be a genuine partner in the expansion of a growing business

The model of biotechnology companies has evolved significantly in recent years in order to deal with the substantial number of projects with decisive future impact in the health and industry field as well as the particularly extensive and high-risk financing requirements in the research field.

The large groups are increasingly subcontracting the complex and costly upstream research phases to autonomous companies structured around a single project and a single specialist team. These companies are, by their nature, young, relatively unstructured and, in particular, lacking in financial resources.

All of these start-ups face the same structuring and financing issues, and we can offer you solutions:

  • Making the business strategy and in particular its financial requirements clearer through cash consumption forecasting.
  • Implementing all existing tax and social security provisions available to companies where their activity clearly involves research and development.
  • Assisting our clients with fund-raising, both in terms of structuring share capital and in making the necessary arrangements to protect the founding shareholders.
  • Certifying the company accounts, closely tailoring our audit work to the risks incurred by the company and making recommendations appropriate to this type of organisation and market.
  • Offering the benefit of our experience in the financial markets in order to facilitate IPOs, notably by switching from a national reference system to the IFRS and being aware of the expectations in terms of financial information.