Include a strategic partner in your business

Industry is a sector facing numerous challenges:

  • cost assessment and management
  • restructuring (5S, Kaizen, digital transformation, etc.)
  • export markets
  • innovation
  • investment

Some businesses are battling with costs, others with technology or innovation. Our dedicated sector-specific teams can help you overcome these challenges and convert them into business opportunities.

We can help you to monitor innovation for the purposes of the research tax credit (CIR), innovation tax credit (CII), prospecting tax credit, subsidy schemes, financing, monitoring fixed assets by component and correctly applying the new tax law provisions, such as exceptional depreciation under the Macron Act.

Our strength as part of the 6th largest network in the world in the fields of audit, consultancy and expertise enables us to effectively support your export projects, whether it is by undertaking tax research or helping set up your place of business.

Our mandates in your sector also include all traditional audit functions, consultancy, management control, chartered accountancy as well as improving inventory procedures, calculating production costs and cost price, determining contribution margins once criteria for distribution of indirect costs have been established, etc.