Regulation and Compliance

Today's insurance world is evolving in a complex and increasingly regulated economic environment. Insurance players are being called upon to face new risks, to make greater commitments and to innovate.

It is in this context that numerous safeguards have been put in place by the prudential and regulatory authorities. This is all the more topical now that the Solvency II rules, which came into force on 1 January 2016 and the IFRS standards (9 and 17), impose a set of new obligations, of which the regulatory and compliance function is of paramount importance.

In a constantly changing insurance world (mergers and acquisitions, pandemics, etc.), industry players are constantly required by the authorities (ACPR) to maintain high standards in the governance and finance of their companies.

The resounding bankruptcies of recent years oblige companies to take appropriate measures to maintain their regulatory and financial solvency and the confidence of insurance consumers.