Banks and financial institutions

The financial sector is facing growing complexity: changes to accounting standards, prudential regulations, ever-increasing requirements to report to investors, analysts, supervisory authorities in France or at an international level, etc. These changes mean that help is consistently required in several areas of expertise: a global understanding of the issues is essential and financial institutions must have access to analyses on numerous interdependent aspects. Our chartered accountants, auditors, internal auditors, consultants and tax experts work as a network and can therefore effectively pool their skills to serve our clients.


Legal and contractual audits

  • Legal and contractual audits, in conjunction with our expertise in internal audit, finance, legal issues and taxationales


Issue of the independent third party organisation (OTI) report pursuant to the Grenelle 2 Act drawing conclusions on:

  • The reliability of the reporting process and of data gathering for consolidation purposes
  • The inclusion and accuracy of CSR information in the Management Report


Assistance with the production of financial statements

  • Operational support with the production of company and consolidated financial statements (Local/IFRS/US Gaap)
  • Tax assistance (returns, CVAE, VAT, income tax, integration, etc.)
  • Review and justification of financial statements, accounts/management/risk/liquidity reconciliation
  • Dealing fully or partially with company and/or consolidated accounting, payroll or ongoing taxation

Assistance with the management of regulatory reports

  • Production of regulatory statements: Surfi (unified system of financial reporting) / FINREP / COREP
  • Interpretation of new standards (CRD IV, IFRS, etc.)
  • Providing temporary back-up for your teams
  • Helping with accounting/risk convergence (Anacrédit, IFRS9, etc.)

Performance management

  • Setting up performance management reports (indicators and management charts)
  • Improving the budgetary management process
  • Setting up tools for cost evaluation, re-invoicing and pricing
  • Initiatives to improve operational efficiency (Lean 6 Sigma, etc.)


Risk management

  • Assessment of the organisation of the internal control mechanism
  • Assistance with drafting and implementing procedures and organising the control functions
  • Carrying out IT audits
  • Mandates relating to delegation of internal audit, compliance, codes of ethics
  • Assessment of the money laundering and fraud prevention mechanisms

Undertaking accounting and regulatory projects

  • Anticipating regulatory impact and incorporating it into tools and processes
  • Support with data migration projects
  • Adapting charts of accounts and accounting rules
  • Setting up management arrangements for programmes and projects
  • Assistance with transformation of the accounting and control functions

Assistance with development of IT systems

  • Information system master plans (operational and technical)
  • Support with needs analyses
  • Testing and managing roll-out
  • Technical organisation of migration and post-migration support
  • Data quality management


  • Financial engineering
  • Due diligence and assistance with negotiation in relation to transactions
  • Carrying out valuations within the framework of independent experts’ reports, impairment tests, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring
  • Producing business plans in the case of creation of new business activities or redeployment
  • Audits on contributions, legal and tax experts’ reports