Corporate tax


Effective management of the business involves incorporating the tax dimension into all decision-making processes. At the core of the activity of RSM’s taxation department, the “business taxation” team helps businesses to actively manage and optimise their tax affairs, both in the daily operation of their business and in restructuring operations.

In what circumstances can VAT be recovered (in the event of sectorisation, in relation to company vehicles, intra-community VAT, etc.)?
What are the declaratory obligations for a trust?
What are the conditions for invoicing services between a holding company and its subsidiaries?
What is the tax regime applicable to property held by French companies?
How do I manage taxation of my dividends?

A global approach to the tax affairs of your business

To make your tax declarations easier for you, our teams will assist with preparation of your tax returns and with analysis of issues relating to tax integration, tax management of flows (dividends, interest, royalties), optimisation/management of tax losses, the application of tax conventions and the management of international double taxation.

Taxation issues in complex situations

During your restructuring operations, our experts will assist you with the tax audit on acquisition or with the vendor tax due diligence, in the event of the sale of a business.

We can also structure the taxation aspects of acquisition operations (optimising the timing for implementing tax integration, dealing with the deductibility of financial expenses and acquisition costs, etc.).

Our teams will also help you with preparation for sale and restructuring operations. To simplify the procedures for you, we will manage requests for approval from the tax authorities (transfer of losses, demergers, partial asset contributions, etc.).

Research and development

We can assist you with applications for a ruling from the tax authorities and with audit of the internal control procedure for the research tax credit (providing evidence of research hours, qualification of staff, etc.).

Our experts can help you to calculate and manage research tax credit and during tax inspections.

Transfer pricing

We can assist you with drafting documentation, audit of risks relating to the transfer pricing and strategic management of intangible assets.

Indirect taxation issues

Whether you are a financial holding company, a group of companies, a financial institution or a property group, RSM can assist with all issues you face in relation to indirect taxation: optimising management of VAT and income tax, audit of risks relating to internal audit procedures, audit and management of specific tax regimes.

  • Management of intra-community operations
  • Representation and/or assistance provided to foreign companies dealing with the tax authorities
  • Audit of the information and electronic invoicing systems of the business

Assistance with inspections and disputes

When a tax inspection takes place, RSM will help you at each stage, from review of information systems to drafting legal documents and preparing observations on the proposed adjustment.

In the event of pre-litigation relating to tax matters, we can assist at the various management levels and with preparation for the various committees.