RSM France


Forensics and investigation


In the event of litigation, suspicious financial activity or a suspected fraud, it is essential to have the support of an expert investigation team which is able to deploy the latest techniques to bring maximum transparency to each situation. 

Are you looking for investigation specialists to strengthen your audit and internal control teams? 
Is there a suspected fraud in your organisation which you want to investigate? 
Are you looking to put in place robust methodology for the prevention and assessment of risk and market abuse

Investigating your data using specific, advanced tools

We can help you to investigate your IT system and processes using our tools and specific data analysis methods applied by qualified professionals.

Providing you with court expert services

When you are faced with an enquiry or check on your business, or when you consequently conduct your own internal enquiry, we can provide court expert services for the purposes of investigation and securing evidence. We can also provide litigation support for your case.

Assessing and preventing risks of market abuse on an ongoing basis

We can set up tools for the ongoing assessment and prevention of risks of market abuse. We will assess the strength of your arrangements for detection of market abuse and subsequently bolster your defence mechanism (separation of functions, management of the insider trading policy, interaction with regulatory activity).

Incorporating fraud prevention and security of information into your audit and control processes

We can help you to incorporate the methods and tools necessary for the prevention and identification of potential fraud into your reference systems and audit procedures.