Offering sector-specific expertise to insurance companies, mutual providers and pension schemes

In a highly competitive and strictly regulated international climate, insurers are having to mobilise resources and adapt with the aid of technology and by developing more effective operational and financial models. By making these radical changes, they should be able to avoid the risk of having to exit the market or switch out of certain activities or products.


Assistance with the production of financial statements

  • Operational support with the production of company and consolidated financial statements (Local/IFRS/MVBS)
  • Assistance with completing tax returns, preparation and review of declarations (CVAE (contribution from corporate added value), TCA (tax on financial transactions), VAT, etc.)
  • Taking over a function on a temporary basis
  • Review and justification of technical and non-technical financial statements

Assistance with the introduction and production of regulatory statements

  • Solvency I: production of regulatory statements C and T
  • Solvency II: setting up new qualitative and quantitative reports (RSR, SFCR and QRT), assessing the impact of introduction of the economic balance sheet
  • Providing expertise on an ad hoc basis

Outsourcing the accounting and finance function fully

  • Dealing fully or partially with company and/or consolidated accounting, payroll and ongoing taxation using innovative technology
  • On a dedicated platform offering a bespoke approach at an individually-tailored cost
  • At our premises or at the client’s office


  • Audit of financial statements for:

    • ​​Mutual providers (Mutuality Code)
    • Mutual insurance providers
    • Life/non-life insurance companies
    • Pension schemes
  •   Pension schemes