International Business Services & Tax


Does your business want to set up an office or carry out occasional commercial transactions abroad? 
Are you looking to send an employee abroad as an expatriate?
Foreign businesses: as a result of your business activity in France, are you subject to tax and social security obligations?
As an individual, how are you treated for tax in France and abroad?

Assistance with your international expansion:

As a result of our network of local experts, we can provide individually-tailored services offering increased proximity and efficiency. Our experts in taxation, social security law and company law can answer your questions about transfer pricing.


We will assist in your dealings with social security organisations and in drawing up the expatriation contract: addendum to the employment contract, tax equalisation.

Foreign companies in France:

We can help you to choose the best structure (representative office/branch) for your business and assist with tax optimisation of your French operations, VAT registration, VAT and trade of goods declarations (DEB) and to ensure compliance of your declarations.

Individuals abroad:

We can produce your tax declarations including specific treatment of international taxation.