Legal and tax

To enhance the support we offer businesses, we offer expertise across a broad range of client legal services – spanning corporate, employment and private client legal advisory. Prominent fields of knowledge within our portfolio include social security law, employment law, business law advisory and tax legal advisory. Beyond this, we can also deliver bespoke services around legal assistance, drafting of memoranda and articles of association, as well as monitoring core legal affairs around matters of merger, acquisition and sale.

Our aim is to deliver commercial law advisory based on your priorities as a business. Our legal provisions align closely with our wider approach. Indeed, many of our legal regulatory advisory services touch upon other consultation areas. As such, it creates a fluid and cohesive package to benefit your business.

Where tax is concerned, we combine our general services with our tax legal advisory. This can  help you on matters from tax due diligence to private client and family wealth management. With the combination of our legal and tax services, we can create a comprehensive advisory solution that delivers for your organisation.

Corporate tax

We take a global approach to the corporate tax affairs of your business, actively managing and optimising your tax affairs in order to offer value in decision making processes. We can help you to master your corporate tax due diligence, consult on complex and indirect taxation issues and help you to better understand your research and development. We can also assist you with any inspection and dispute matters.

Private client and family wealth

Tax and compliance requirements are only becoming more stringent, making it more complex than ever to efficiently protect your family’s wealth. We’ll help you understand effective tax planning and futureproofing via our legal regulatory advisory team. The advice we provide is underpinned by a thorough understanding of your personal needs, objectives and future plans.

International mobility

International mobility of employees is more prominent than ever in modern business. It’s up to you, therefore, to gain a satisfactory knowledge of social security and tax regulations regarding such programmes. We help you get to grips with the likes of residency tax status, plus potential issues around social security and how mobility is likely to affect your tax policy.

Legal services

Allow our business law advisory team to take the reigns on building the right structure in your business while you focus on the core processes that make your organisation ticks. We can help you set up your company and manage your legal obligations across the course of the year.

Wealth management

Our multi-disciplinary specialists offer tailored asset management consultancy that will manage, structure, optimise and transfer your private and professional assets. Our solutions are tailor-made to serve the interests of business leaders, entrepreneurs, independent professionals and families alike.

International business services and tax

Support with your international expansion, expatriation, foreign company process and dealing with individuals abroad – offering actionable solutions for international investors and individuals.

A guide to Inheritance Tax assessment, valuation, trust, and foundations

Assessment and valuation For movable assets: you can ask a notary or an auctioneer to draft an inventory. Otherwise, it is fixed at a rate of 5% on the total assets.

Inheritance tax implications for French and non-French residents

What is taxed under French Inheritance Tax Law ? The French tax code determines the inheritance tax liability as follows:
permanent establishment international group tax

An extensive French notion of permanent establishment

In a decision dated as of December 11, 2020, the French Administrative Supreme Court (“Conseil d’Etat”) adjusted the notion of “permanent establishment", a notion that determines the country in which a company is liable to pay taxes.