French Inheritance tax

The rules governing the taxation of donations and inheritances in relation to France can often appear complex. We have therefore prepared this short summary for the sake of overall understanding. We hope that it will encourage you to consult a specialist advisor to help you with your estate planning.

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Your own succession is something you want to take care of as soon as possible, in particular whilst you are still in good health. There are substantial fiscal, legal and economic risks involved if your succession planning has not been handled properly.

Our RSM tax experts support you in handling your succession and make certain that the requirements are fully met. The in-depth professional knowledge of our experts allows them to develop a succession plan that takes all fiscal, legal and economic consequences into account and grants you the planning assurance you need.

As part of the international RSM Private Client Services group, we network with RSM inheritance tax experts from many countries. Thus, we are able to provide our services to clients deeply involved in international situations, for whom different national tax regimes require an excellent exchange between the national tax advisors.

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Inheritance tax implications for French and non-French residents

What is taxed under French Inheritance Tax Law? The French tax code determines the inheritance tax liability as follows...
21 September 2021