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Real Estate Management


We are a real estate service provider for all of your property needs. Our Focus is the conversation and the sustainable increase in value of the properties entrusted to us. Our team of experts manages rental housing, condominiums, office and commercial properties, as well as individual apartments in France area.

Our goal is to solve your concerns at all times, in the best possible way. We provide all the necessary and appropriate services for the management, conversation, maintenance, as well as the improvement and renovation of our customer's properties.

Selling and Transferring French Real Estate

DIRECT SALE OF REAL ESTATE Resident individual Capital gain Introduction Capital gains on the sale of real estate are taxed at a fixed rate after application of an allowance, depending on the duration of detention of the estate.

Holding french Real Estate

DIRECT HOLDING OF REAL ESTATE Resident individuals Personal income tax

Acquiring French Real Estate

DIRECT PURCHASE OF REAL ESTATE This section discusses the tax implications of the direct purchase of real estate. First is discussed the impact for resident individuals and non-resident individuals. Thereafter is discussed the impact for resident companies and non-resident companies.