Risk advisory Services

The world is constantly changing, and fresh opportunities are continually emerging. But does your business have what it takes to make intelligent risk decisions?

With many businesses facing economic turbulence amid increasing regulative and legislative pressure, the need for proper assurance is critical to organisational success. When your business looks to make its next big move, it’s essential to mitigate your risk to a point where you give yourself the best chance of success. That’s where our risk advisory services come in.

New risks need new risk advisory solutions. The need for robust cyber security or proper information governance, for example, is more pressing than ever before. We want to help you move forward with confidence. Our risk advisory consultants provide bespoke advice on best practice for your business’s unique challenges – advice built on decades of global success as a top level multi-disciplinary firm.

Audit & internal control

Effective internal controls have taken on added importance in light of the rise of both internal and external fraud threats. Our audit and internal control risk advisors can guide your business through what is a particularly challenging arena – both on an organisational and environmental basis.

Our aim is to help you install the proper controls, while retaining the flexibility of your current business model and strategy. Our risk advisors are fully versed in all areas of compliance and are equipped to implement new strategies within your pending transformation projects.

Forensics and investigation

We promote full transparency and visibility through our forensics and investigation process. If you face litigation, suspected fraud or have suspicious financial activity to address, our expert investigation team can help.

Using the latest investigation techniques and employing the right data tools, we can improve your transparency and strengthen your internal audit and control teams. Our risk advisory solutions extend to expert court services, risk prevention around market abuse and incorporation of fraud prevention and information security.

Regulatory compliance

There’s no escaping the need for regulatory compliance. Such requirements are only becoming tighter. Your reporting, therefore, needs to be able to meet the mark.

We’ll help you understand how new statutory and prudential standards should be interpreted and implemented in your business. Our risk advisory consultants can undertake regulatory compliance with French standards, GAAP and IFRS – across the full spectrum of industry.

IT risk

IT risk mitigation has inevitably become a core part of daily business activity. Our risk advisory services will guide you to better management of your IT system projects and governance. With it, we can help introduce process automation and security plans that ensure your information systems work to grow your business as they should.