Specialist services

As a truly global financial services provider, we understand every business faces its own set of unique challenges. That is, in essence, where our specialist corporate services come in to their own. Always proactive, always actionable and always aware of your requirements as a client – our aim is to solve potential issues before they develop, while adding value to your operation.

Our three primary areas of specialism in this space include corporate social responsibility, CSR information audit and CSR reporting advisory.

Corporate social responsibility

A key concern of modern business is creating a positive social and environmental impact. Not only that, but we also appreciate your desire to reflect the core values of respect, integrity, teamwork and excellence across all your organisational interactions. While this an aspirational goal for modern enterprises, it is also a regulatory requirement in many respects.

We can help your business to understand its environmental and social responsibilities at both local and international level via a comprehensive and structured corporate social responsibility review process. To many, this might not be an absolute priority. But an optimal CSR policy can prove beneficial to all aspects of business activity. It can allow you to innovate, disrupt and enhance your overall performance.

CSR information audit

An independent and objective audit of your CSR information is the first step in understanding your organisation’s current social efficiencies. We will take a deep dive into your existing policies and present you with essential information to aid your management of potential social and environmental risks.

The aim is to turn your CSR reporting obligations into opportunities. As such, we will collaborate with our third-party organisations (OTIs) in RSM Paris and RSM Ouest to create a fair, accurate report that will ensure regulatory compliance. From our CSR information audit, you’ll be able to review and adjust your CSR indicators in order to safeguard against any CSR risk in the future.

CSR reporting advisory

Our CSR reporting advisory teams help businesses place their CSR initiatives at the heart of everything they do. We’ll help you to build a distinguished and relevant strategy that identifies a simple, yet effective summary of your material challenges. Through this, we can give you full visibility on your key impact challenges economically, environmentally and socially.

We’ll also help you to communicate your non-financial achievements with your stakeholders in order to meet their expectations.