To remain transparent and compliant in this expanding global market, it’s important for businesses to have audit and assurance services carried out by independent experts. Audits are key to providing trust within a company and laying the foundation for the success of the business.

RSM has a global presence across multiple jurisdictions, enabling our dedicated team to provide the best audit services and advice in line with international standards.

Our approach to audit and assurance allows us to offer you realistic recommendations to improve their internal controls, streamline methods and procedures, and enhance the profitability of your business.

We offer audit and assurance services with an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness, aimed at protecting the economic and business interests of our clients.

How can our audit specialists help your business?

RSM offers auditing solutions across a wide range of services. We advise clients on the implementation of international standards for their financial statements and reports.

Our professional audit and assurance services include:

  • Financial auditing – A business needs to remain transparent across its financial records. Our financial auditing services can evaluate your financial statements for accuracy, consistency, and compliance to garner trust from your stakeholders.
  • Technical, operative, and maintenance auditing – RSM’s technical audit specialists evaluate systems and processes and make recommendations in line with industry standards. We can assist with procedures relating to factors such as exportation and the operation of plants in production and engineering.
  • Audit of contracts of associations – Our audit specialists can assist with verifying information before a business enters into a contract. We carry out a thorough check for accuracy and compliance with regulations, as well as making recommendations to mitigate risk.
  • Operational, management, and results auditing – An audit of your day-to-day operations and management systems will show key areas where processes can be streamlined or adapted to improve business performance.
  • Audit of inventories of fixed and mobile assets – Our professional auditing services include cross-checking inventories against a company’s assets. Ensuring financial records match all fixed and mobile assets is important for transparency and to protect against theft or fraud.
  • Audit of collective portfolios, trusts, and independent assets – As our auditing solutions cover every aspect of a business, it’s also good practice to evaluate any portfolios, trusts, and other assets to reduce any risks to the future of a business.
  • Environmental auditing – We provide assurance services based on environmental compliance, helping implement procedures to mitigate your business's environmental impact.
  • Human resources auditing – Our team of audit specialists will evaluate systems and processes within a business such as payroll, onboarding, regulation compliance, and benefits, so your business moves towards short and long-term goals as efficiently as possible.

Quality international consulting services you can trust

We place the highest importance on our professionalism and delivering quality services to our clients. We pride ourselves on getting to know you and your business before offering advice and making recommendations.

At RSM, we know the importance of having an international team of professionals in different areas to provide services and support of the highest standard. This integrated approach is what helps us achieve the best results for your business, wherever you are in the world.

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