Consulting and Operational Management

Through a team of highly trained professionals, updated, with knowledge and experience in different industries, and supported by specialized methodologies that continuously facilitate the transfer of knowledge to our customers, we offer a wide range of Consulting and Operational Management services that generate value to your Company, allowing them to achieve a greater sustainable competitive advantage.

Our line of Consulting and Operational Management Services includes:

Strategic and Organizational Consulting:

  • Organizational Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems of organizational management
  • Direction, Strategic Alignment and Balance Score Card
  • Corporate governance
  • Design and redesign of business processes
  • Economic evaluations of projects, planning and control of projects
  • Consultancy on socio-environmental aspects of projects.
  • Evaluation and design of systems of internal administrative and accounting control
  • Special services for the physical taking of inventories of fixed and mobile assets
  • Services related to business development, such as refresher courses and seminars, training and training of personnel
  • Consultancy in subjects related to the development of business activities, design and development of strategies.

Consultancy in Corporate Finance:

  • Economic and Financial Evaluations
  • Management Consulting on budgetary and financial models
  • Financial restructurings
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Initial Public Offering of Shares (IPO) and Debt Issuance
  • Assessment of companies
  • Rationalization of Costs
  • Fixed asset valuation

IT Consulting:

  • Planning Information Systems
  • Modeling Information Systems
  • Review of the Implementation of Integrated Corporate Systems (ERP)
  • Evaluation of the internal IT control environment
  • Analysis of segregation of functions in Information Systems
  • Evaluation and improvement of IT processes
  • Management for IT risks

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