Consulting and Operational Management Services

It’s important for a business to stay ahead of the game in their industry, particularly in this ever-changing global environment. With solid operational management systems in place, a company is in the best position to achieve a greater and more sustainable competitive advantage.

Through a team of highly trained professionals, we offer consulting services that can help you and your business increase potential and add value.

With considerable knowledge and experience across different industries, our consulting specialists provide practical, focused solutions supported by specialized methodologies to improve the efficiency of your organization.

Our operational management services include strategic consulting and corporate finance consulting solutions.

Advance your business with strategic and organizational consulting

Our highly skilled team can provide your business with a range of independent and objective solutions to your organizational challenges. High-level decision-making is a cornerstone of running a successful business and our strategic consulting specialists can help you unlock your company’s potential.

Working together, we can create practical consulting solutions and develop a plan to help you achieve your business goals, whatever they may be. We are experienced in dealing with a large range of complex situations and challenges and can provide tailored advice across every industry.

Our organizational and strategic consulting services include:

  • Organizational analysis and diagnosis
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems of organizational management
  • Direction, strategic alignment, and balanced scorecard
  • Corporate governance
  • Design and redesign of business processes
  • Economic evaluations of projects, planning, and control of projects
  • Consultancy on socio-environmental aspects of projects
  • Evaluation and design of systems of internal administrative and accounting control
  • Special services for the physical taking of inventories of fixed and mobile assets
  • Business development, such as refresher courses, seminars, and training of personnel
  • Development of business activities and strategies

Corporate finance consulting services

RSM has the skills and tools needed to assess all aspects of corporate finance in a business. Having experts evaluate your budgets, financial processes, structures, and acquisitions can often yield a different perspective.

We can help implement these corporate finance consulting solutions within your business and ensure longevity in the new processes.

The wide range of corporate finance consulting services we use to help your organization realize its potential include:

Economic and financial evaluations
Management consulting on budgetary and financial models

  • Financial restructurings
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Initial public offering of shares (IPO) and debt issuance
  • Assessment of companies
  • Rationalization of costs
  • Fixed asset valuation

IT consulting

All businesses need solid IT and systems processes to succeed in this fast-changing digital environment. A company able to adapt and update such systems will gain a competitive advantage and is more like to be profitable and reputable in the long term.

RSM has considerable experience in analyzing an organization’s IT processes and making recommendations for improvement. With our information systems support, your business can benefit from workable IT consulting solutions specifically created to suit your needs and goals.

Our information technology consulting services will help streamline your ways of working and increase productivity. They include:

  • Planning information systems
  • Modeling information systems
  • Review of the implementation of integrated corporate systems (ERP)
  • Evaluation of the internal IT control environment
  • Analysis of segregation of functions in information systems
  • Evaluation and improvement of IT processes
  • IT risk management

Let our consulting services help you realize your business’s potential

RSM’s professional services, developed over many years, place a focus on high-quality support, client care, and understanding across all our member firms. Our local services complement our international ones with collaboration used to share knowledge, expertise, and specialisms.

Our experience of assisting different-sized companies across a wide range of industries helps us provide a personalized service where we take the time to truly understand your business.

With our consulting services, you can be sure you will receive an individually developed plan to improve your business operations that aims for increased success and profitability. Email us or contact us online to find out what we can do for you and your business.

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