This report is intended to provide a window into the governance and the element of quality control system at RSM Indonesia.

Quality is our primary objective for every service we provide, and we maintain independence across our various service offerings. The quality of work that inspires investor and other stakeholders’ confidence is built on integrity, competence, objectivity, and independence of our profession.

Several important components impact the quality of an audit, and no single factor can, by itself, define audit quality. However, our system of quality controls is intended to address key elements, such as leadership, adherence to relevant ethical requirements, acceptance and continuance of client engagements, engagement performance, and monitoring. Competent individuals who are committed to the principles of integrity, objectivity and independence are at the very core of audit quality.

Our firm, our partners and our people are committed to these principles, and we strive for continuous improvement to improve the quality and effectiveness of our work.

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