Dunia bisnis telah berubah secara drastis dalam beberapa waktu belakangan. Perubahan drastis tersebut telah menciptakan peluang dan tantangan dalam memberikan nilai bagi organisasi. Agar dapat bertahan dan tumbuh, organisasi diharuskan untuk beradaptasi dan mengembangkan cara mereka menjalankan bisnisnya.

Di RSM Indonesia, kami memiliki keahlian untuk membantu organisasi Anda beradaptasi serta mengembangkan langkah-langkah dan pendekatan baru terhadap dunia bisnis yang senantiasa berubah. Bersama para profesional berpengalaman di bidangnya dan dukungan dari anggota firma global RSM, kami menghadirkan solusi yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan bisnis Anda, mulai dari penyusunan Rencana Jangka Panjang Perusahaan (RJPP), peninjauan kembali Standar Operasional Prosedur (SOP), peninjauan kembali Jurnal Akuntansi, hingga penilaian atau studi kelayakan IFRS.

Untuk memberikan solusi terbaik, kami senantiasa menjalin komunikasi dengan para klien untuk memahami progres pekerjaan serta menghadirkan solusi terhadap permasalahan diberbagai tahapan proyek.

Jasa Management Consulting kami terdiri atas:

  • Business Consulting
  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • People & Organization


In this competitive environment, you need to adapt and adjust your business according to the market and regulator. Business decision is crucial to your organization growth, so your organization will have advantageous position in the competition. Our team have experience to give solution and help you with your business decision by using local and industry sector expert.


We can identify suitable solution and ensure your business plans are a success.




Supply chain has become highly sophisticated, technology-dependent, and collaborative discipline that combines various business function within organization such as operation, logistics, inventory management and other functions. Operations and supply chain is focused on managing three main flows: the product flow, the information flow, and the financial flow, while exceeding customer expectations and maintaining cost at minimum. To achieve that, organization will face challenges across operational, tactical, and strategic levels of business decisions.


Our team can help your organization improving Operation and Supply Chain management by creating more effective and efficient procedures that tailored to your specific business.




When you are planning to improve the performance of your workforce such as strategy, HR, and operations of your organization, you need a partner who will help you to develop the talent around your business, anticipate the risks, and any issues regarding the strategy and human resources of your country.

Here at RSM Indonesia, we can offer a solution for how to operate across business, strategy, HR, and technology. Our team can help you list the possible risks also mitigate the risks from your organization. To develop your talents, we also can help you by analyzing the skill needed to improve your talent and suggest training related to those skills




Digital transformation is frequently included in top-level management agendas. Many organizations are still plagued by worries about what it is, how it functions, and what it means for business processes. Today, digital is everywhere. When we take it to the level of the entire organization, where it covers every facet of the information and technology posture of the business, including service, product and inventory management, supply chain management, and every facet of finance, marketing, sales, communication, and HR.

The game of consumer interaction is changing as a result of digital technologies, which offer new rules and opportunities that were unthinkable just a few years ago. We will help you transform the customer experience at the heart of digital transformation.

Your organization needs to prioritize the process improvement activities according to strategic needs. We may help you to develop driver-based models to provide a more precise link between your strategic goals and the operational improvements.


We will take you to see technologies as a way to rethink the way you do business, breaking free of outdated assumptions that arose from the limits of older technologies.




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