Tax News - 07-08/2015

22 December 2015
TABLE OF CONTENTS   JURISPRUDENCE Identification of the tax residence: do “family ties” or economic interests prevail? TAX DEADLINES August-September 2015 SPECIAL FOCUS The new R&D tax credit  

Innovation Tax Relief

17 December 2015
Italian companies and permanent establishments of foreign companies in Italy can enjoy special tax regimes designed to stimulate the development of innovative and research and development activities. Among the incentives available in our country:

The new R&D tax credit introduced by the 2015 Stability Law

12 November 2015
In last couple of years, the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Incentive has caught significant importance in the international scenario, particularly in times of strong economic recession where innovation is seen as a key driver to encourage investments and produce economic growth.

R&D Tax Credit and Patent Box (RSM PLG)

10 September 2015
“CREDITO D’IMPOSTA PER LA RICERCA E SVILUPPO E PATENT BOX:   opportunità a supporto dello sviluppo d’impresa“