It is essential for any business to consider their present situation. It can define your success as an organization; ready to deal with unexpected challenges and capitalize on opportunities. That said, one eye must be kept on the future too. You cannot always predict what may come up on the horizon. But it is always worth your while to be prepared. That's where business succession and reorganization services can prove so valuable. 

At RSM Japan, we have a wealth of experience in helping our clients build a brighter future. The business succession support we offer puts an emphasis on seamless transition and continuity. If your company must adapt in the face of growing competition or regulatory reform, you can turn to our business reorganization specialists for advice. Whatever your requirements, we will shape a bespoke solution for your company; one that prepares you for the future with confidence. 

How can we help your business? 

Our team of experts will gain a comprehensive overview of your business – where it stands now and what the future may hold in store. From risk assessment to long-term leadership strategies, we devise and implement solutions that are unique to your business. We help you see the wider picture too. Every eventuality and outcome will be considered as part of our business succession planning and reorganization services. To discuss this further, please contact us today.      

Our business succession planning services 

You might face many challenges when preparing a business succession plan. To overcome these challenges, it is essential to identify certain issues in advance. By doing so, you can make plans for the future accordingly.  

RSM Japan's experts always carefully analyze the issues at hand. It gives us the chance to offer our professional advice and assistance at each stage of planning – right up until the business is succeeded by another. Here is a breakdown of our tried and tested process: 

1. Analysis 

  •  Business valuation advice ​
  • Explanation of the business owner's current financial situation 
  •  Explanation of the current business situation to the successor 
  • ​ Identifying business succession issues 

2. Succession planning 

  •  Method and selection of the succession plan 
  • ​ Establish a medium-term business plan 
  • Training/educating the successor 
  • Inheritance tax planning 

3. Implementing the plan 

  •  Establish a medium-term business plan 
  • Training/educating the successor 
  • ​ Inheritance tax planning 

Our business reorganization services 

It is very important to consider business reorganization as part of your long-term strategy. This can result in your business becoming more profitable, while also reducing unnecessary losses. 

Under the general rules of Corporation law in Japan, transferred assets should be valued at Fair Market Value (FMV). Here, any gains are taxable – and shareholders may be subject to deemed dividend tax. To help, our experienced business reorganization specialists will weigh up all your risks. We will also consider the effects of possible schemes, as well as relative issues.  

Why trust RSM Japan? 

To all our clients, RSM Japan brings extensive knowledge and experience of the business world. No matter if you're based in Japan or are a branch of a multi-national organization, we can help with your business succession planning. Our team is backed up by a truly global network of tax and professional services experts. And, together, we can ensure that nothing is left to chance in mapping out a successful future for your company. Contact us today to find out more. 


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