Individual Tax Services

Our team of professionals covers a wide range of individual tax services beginning with the preparation of Japan individual tax returns, tax agent services and other tax returns that require filling. Additionally, our team offers tax advice for specific areas such as inheritance tax, gift tax, etc.

Income Tax advisory service

There may be times when entrepreneurs or individuals require specific advice from professionals. Our team offers expert tax advices for your personal needs.

Inheritance Tax

Many individuals assume that inheritance tax is a temporary event.  However, careful planning and thinking long-term may have a large impact on the outcome of the tax.  Prior consulting with professionals is highly recommended to prepare for the tax consequences related to inheritance tax as well as gift tax.

Our inheritance tax consulting service offers professional support and advice for those in need of inheritance tax planning.

Further, our experts offer various support for business succession services.

International inheritance tax

In recent years, the numbers of individuals without a fixed place of residence (known as Permanent Travelers) and the number of international marriages have been increasing. For individuals that fall into these categories or similar, it is important to consider inheritance tax according to situation such as the treatment of the individual residency or if the individual has foreign assets.

Our inheritance tax consulting is aimed towards individuals such as business owners with overseas operations or individuals planning to live abroad while leaving behind assets in Japan.

Preparation of Japan individual tax return

We offer the preparation of tax returns for all types of individual including expatriates, self-employed individuals and other individuals that require filling.

We offer the following services;

・Individual tax return

・Consumption tax return

・Depreciable asset return

・Foreign tax credit calculation

・Legal rent calculation


Tax agent services are aimed for individuals or expatriates living abroad that are required to file a tax return in Japan however unable to sign and make the tax payment. Our tax agent service includes making such payments on your behalf, correspondence with the tax authorities, etc.

In addition to the above services, we also provide individual tax consulting services for inbound and outbound expatriates.


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