At RSM Japan, we take a holistic approach that is designed to satisfy your unique needs as a private citizen. Our team has an in-depth understanding of the various requirements – allowing you to see the full picture. 

On matters ranging from income tax to later life planning, we bring clarity and certainty to your personal tax affairs. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs – and how we can help. 

How we can support you 

Our team covers a wide range of individual tax services. It starts with the preparation of Japanese individual tax returns, tax agent services, and other tax returns that require filling. Our team is also able to offer robust personal tax solutions in specific areas such as inheritance tax, gift tax, and other matters. At all times, our advice and solutions are shaped by you and your situation. 

Our individual tax services 

When we refer to our holistic individual tax solutions, what does this mean? We operate with an exceptional degree of knowledge in all relevant matters – so you can be sure your concerns and challenges will be satisfied. Our services include: 

Income tax advisory service 

Under the Japanese system, a resident will be taxed on all income – regardless of its originating jurisdiction. For non-residents, only income generated in Japan is subject to tax. But this can be complex when establishing your tax status. So, entrepreneurs or individuals might need specific and professional advice. Our team offers a detailed income tax advisory service for that reason. 

Inheritance tax 

Many people assume that inheritance tax is a short-term consideration. Yet, it can be a mistake to leave it to chance. Robust planning and a long-term vision can do a lot to achieve efficiencies when it comes to later life tax affairs. Our inheritance tax consulting service can make sure you are fully prepared for the consequences it might have for your wealth and estate. 

Our inheritance tax service offers expert support and advice for those in need of inheritance tax planning. In addition, our specialists can support with any business succession requirements. 

International inheritance tax 

For many of our clients, inheritance tax is a domestic affair. But recent years have seen growth in the number of individuals without a fixed place of residence (known as Permanent Travelers). The number of international marriages is also increasing. As such, it raises the potential impact of international inheritance tax – based on individual residency or foreign asset ownership. 

Our international inheritance tax advice is designed for individuals such as business owners who have overseas operations – or anyone planning to live abroad while retaining assets in Japan. 

Individual tax return preparation 

Our team can prepare individual tax returns for a wide range of clients – such as expatriates or self-employed individuals, as well as others who need that expert assistance. In this field, RSM Japan offers the following services: 

  • Individual tax return 
  • Consumption tax return 
  • Depreciable asset return 
  • Foreign tax credit calculation 
  • ​Legal rent calculation 

Our tax agent services are aimed at those individuals (or expatriates living abroad) who must file a tax return in Japan – but cannot sign and make payment. These services include making such payments on your behalf and liaising with the National Tax Agency

We can also provide individual tax solutions for inbound and outbound expatriates. 

You can trust RSM Japan's personal tax solutions 

Our in-depth knowledge of Japan's tax structure ensures that our team can cover every aspect of your personal requirements. Our solutions are always tailored to an individual client – taking full account of current liabilities and circumstances. And we can also bring a long-term element to our thinking. Doing so ensures you are prepared for all potential or future considerations.  

For more information, please contact RSM Japan today. We can answer your pressing questions and discuss the personal tax solutions you need in detail.  


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