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As understanding of the company’s financial information becomes more widely recognized, objectivity and reliability are highly needed for the financial information. Based on many years of experience and proven expertise, Shinhan Accounting Corporation provides customers with a full range of financial statement auditing and business consulting services. 

Statutory audit

  • Auditing in accordance with the Act Concerning External Audit of Joint Stock Corporations
  • Auditing in accordance with the Securities and Exchange
  1. Auditing to list stocks in the Korea Stock Exchange, register on KOSDAQ and the select
  2. Auditing for public offering of small sum 
  • Act Auditing on the government invested corporations (Special Accounting, central and local public corporations)
  • Auditing on the financial statements of financial institutions in accordance with the Foreign Exchange Control Act 


Special audit

  • Audits concerning M&A and joint investment
  • Audits related to estimation of loyalty
  • Public sectors and nonprofit corporations audits
  • Auditing the Housing Reconstruction and Redevelopment Association
  • Analyzing for licenses and renewals
  • Special types of audits requested by interested parties
  • Appraisal of account book and operating profit delegated by courts


Consolidated & combined financial statements audit

  • Auditing on the consolidated financial statements of groups and related companies






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