RSM Luxembourg

Fund Administration

RSM Financial Services Luxembourg, regulated by the CSSF as Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF), provides domiciliation, transfer agency and central administration services to regulated (and unregulated) investment vehicles, with a primary focus on private equity, real estate and private debt structures.

Transfer Agency, fund accounting and central administration

  • Assistance with fund conception/structuring;
  • ISIN setting up;
  • Preparing the PRIIPS KID;
  • Bookkeeping services under LuxGaap and IFRS;
  • NAV calculation;
  • Preparing the annual accounts under LuxGaap and IFRS;
  • Shareholders register maintenance & transaction processing;
  • Handling of capital call/distribution process, preparation of notices;
  • Periodic capital accounts statements & holding confirmations;
  • FATCA and CRS reporting.

Domiciliation & Corporate services

  • Registered office;
  • Keeping of the corporate documents and papers of the Fund / GP;
  • Preparing common Board resolutions;
  • Convening, attendance and minuting of Board & shareholder meetings as well as Investment/Advisory Committee;
  • Reception desk services.

Tax compliance

  • Preparing the annual income tax return (if applicable);
  • Preparing VAT returns (if applicable).


How can we help you ?

Please contact:

Stéphanie Grisius
International Contact Partner - Advisory and regulated structures

Phone number: (+352) 26 97 97 34 67
Email: [email protected]


Francesco Notarangelo
Director- Financial services & accounting

Phone number: (+352) 26 97 97 34 64
Email: [email protected]


Serge Karp
Director - Financial services and Transfer Agency

Phone number: (+352) 26 97 97 34 36
Email: [email protected]