RSM is the world’s sixth largest network of audit, tax, and consulting firms, and as such RSM Luxembourg is well positioned to assist a wide range of organizations from traditional Luxembourg-based firms to subsidiaries of international groups, as well as regulated investment funds and Professionals of the Financial Sector (PFSs).

Whatever the size or scope of your business, RSM Luxembourg provides exemplary audit and advisory support. Our audit specialists are here to help you prepare your financial statements and support you through your annual audit services and compliance requirements. Our internationally accredited audit services – developed by RSM International – employ world-class proprietary technology and can deliver a paperless audit solution. As such, our adherence to the professional standards guarantees our strong commitment to high-quality audit services for you and your organization.

In all areas of the practice, we offer pragmatic, expert-led, personalized advice and insight as part of our audit and advisory support, boosting the growth and prosperity of your business. Our audit services include traditional statutory and other regulatory financial audits. Alongside this, we also conduct reviews of financial information, helping us to create bespoke auditing solutions for your firm with an emphasis on early planning and understanding how your business operates. This enables us to identify key audit risks and tailor our audit response to the unique aspects, size, and nature of your business.

RSM’s audit services include:


Audit of statutory accounts
Audit of consolidated accounts                                                                                            
Contributions in kind, mergers and split
Liquidation audits

Due diligence assignments                                                                                                    
Company valuations                                                                                      
Assurance engagements                                                                                                  
Agreed-upon procedures
Forensic analysis

Transactions linked to the transfer or sale of businesses
Support or outsourcing of “Internal Audit” function (for PFS and other firms)
Guidance in the application of IFRS norms
Risk analysis and risk management                                                                   
Compliance services                                                                                                               
Training courses on audit related subjects
Liquidator assignments
If you’re looking for audit and assurance services from a company that is expert-led, offering personalized advice and a wealth of industry insight, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today to find out how we can help you.