An integral but often confusing part of modern business operation, tax regulations and requirements remain a major challenge for most organizations. At RSM, our tax advisory team believes in looking beyond the tax situation of a business. We understand the consequences of taxation and take a holistic and commercial view. As such, we offer practical and direct advice, delivering the tax solutions you need.

As qualified chartered accountants, our tax advisors will take into account the direct and indirect taxes dues at the incorporation and during the lifetime of the company and implement a tax-optimized structure for your firm. We also focus on the optimization of the repatriation of funds to shareholders. We provide a full range of tax services to international organizations, commercial companies, financial institutions, as well as their clients, investment funds, private equity houses, fund managers and promoters, financial sector professionals, and private individuals.

RSM Luxembourg is part of a global network of experts, meaning we have a vast pool of knowledge and experience in assisting both local and foreign businesses. So, we are well positioned to help provide you with the tax solutions you require. Because we understand that business decisions have a taxation implication, we work alongside you to create bespoke tax solutions for your business. We do this by listening to what your business and personal goals are. From these goals we are able to provide the right tax advisory plans to help assist you, and help you succeed.

You can rely on us for our practical, commercially focused corporate tax advisory services. And you can rest assured that our team of tax advisory experts will be on hand throughout the process to assist in providing bespoke tax solutions for your firm.


RSM’s tax services include:



  • International tax planning
  • Design, planning and implementation of appropriate tax structures
  • Assistance during corporate reorganizations (merger, spin-off, sale, or acquisition)
  • Tax due-diligence services
  • Transaction services (real estate transactions, private equity, other investments)
  • Financial restructuring
  • Succession planning and financial engineering
  • Assistance in disputes with tax authorities
  • FATCA & CRS classification
  • Corporate tax compliance and planning


  • Preparation and filing of corporate income tax returns
  • VAT registration of companies and investment funds
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns
  • Reviewing of tax assessments
  • Liaising with Luxembourg tax authorities
  • Registration to the IRS
  • FATCA & CRS reporting

To take advantage of our exceptional tax advisory services, or to find out more about how RSM Luxembourg can assist you in providing tax solutions for your firm, contact us today.