RSM Luxembourg, its clients and employees: side by side for 20 years

As a member of the international RSM network, with a presence in 120 countries, RSM Luxembourg has been a key player on the Luxembourg market for 20 years. The company offers made-to-measure services in the areas of tax, accounting, fund administration, auditing and payroll. To ensure the well-being of its 110-strong team, RSM Luxembourg promotes a pleasant and rewarding working environment.

We have a diverse group of employees. That is our strength” says Stéphanie Grisius, International Contact Partner. “We support each other's decisions and try to grow alongside our employees by maintaining healthy and lasting relationships” adds Laurent Heiliger, Managing Partner.

A unique approach

 “We believe the best advice is based on learned experience. Being fulfilled at work is key to RSM Luxembourg’s corporate philosophy” explains Manuel Hack, Partner - Advisory, tax and accounting. This philosophy is based on several pillars:

  • Well organised departments - to provide a comprehensive response to their clients, each service is made up of complementary skills that the employees appropriate through regular and adapted training.
  • A medium-sized company - RSM Luxembourg has opted for a management structure that is not top-heavy. In our case, management know all of the employees personally, and in addition are very client-focused. The partners are also highly engaged, making it their business to keep abreast of client dossiers.
  • A friendly atmosphere - warm relations among employees are the result of a great effort on the part of HR and management. We believe excellent relations at work are a prerequisite to excellent relations with clients. We listen to staff, taking their needs into account. An excellent example of this employee-centred approach is that almost all men who become fathers take paternity leave!
  • Inspiring work - the value of an assignment does not necessarily lie in its complexity, but rather in the approach taken. In this regard we facilitate the putting into practice of employee skills thanks to a very varied workload.
  • A state of mind - to facilitate dialogue between staff, we hold laid-back breakfast meetings (when the Corona regulations allow it).

It is this approach that has provided the best basis for optimal service for the last 20 years.