Restructuring services can be an effective tool to support businesses in need of a new way forward or as a corporate lifeline. Various aspects that factor into business restructuring can make the task more challenging, but RSM Mauritius is here to make the process as pragmatic and straightforward as possible.
When facing a crisis, no matter the cause, we can help you to bounce back through objective decisions and effective delivery to ensure your business’s survival

Corporate restructuring

Reacting swiftly and decisively to signs of decline maximizes an organization’s opportunity to recover. The sooner organizations seek specialist advice the more likely a recovery can be made.

We advise boards and other stakeholders, including lenders, investor groups, creditors, and landlords, on a variety of corporate restructuring solutions. These include:

  • Crisis stabilization
  • Turnaround strategies
  • Planned restructuring arrangements

Our team works in partnership with organizations to diagnose and overcome the issues they face. Through effective leverage of our international network, we're also able to draw upon local knowledge for cross-border restructuring assignments.

Real estate

Supporting your real estate operations and transactions requires seasoned professionals who understand your needs and can provide on-point recommendations. When utilizing corporate restructuring services, there may be a need to address real estate assets. RSM Mauritius can offer valuable corporate restructuring advice to ensure any impact on your business is minimized as much as possible.

We provide a variety of assurance, tax, and consulting services for private and public real estate entities, including:

  • Opportunity funds
  • Private equity portfolio companies
  • Pension funds and advisors
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Institutional investors
  • Joint ventures
  • Asset and property managers
  • Brokerage and advisory firms
  • Developers
  • Owners and investors


Receivership is a legal process where an external party is appointed to sell or safeguard the assets of a company or business, which is something that can occur during the undertaking of business restructuring solutions.

Our firm has extensive experience in providing advice to lenders, acting as a receiver, and as managers for major financial institutions and private secured lenders. 

Our primary role when acting as receivers and managers is to provide a commercial service to the appointee by securing and realizing the secured assets, providing informative and accurate reports to the secured lenders, and distributing funds to the secured lenders in the most cost-effective and timely manner. We take reasonable care not to sell charged property for less than its market value or, if there is no market value, the best price reasonably obtainable. 

Receiverships are primarily instigated by secured lenders whose primary focus is to recover sufficient funds to discharge their secured debts. We have also been appointed as receivers by the courts in many matters where the courts have deemed it proper to appoint a receiver.

We appreciate that a receivership will not end until we have collected and sold all the assets – or enough assets to repay the secured lender – completed all receivership duties, and paid receivership liabilities. Accordingly, it is our primary goal to ensure all required tasks are addressed with urgency and facilitate the finalization of the engagement as soon as practicably possible.

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