Internal audit

RSM’s internal auditing services will help your organization identify and implement key risk management solutions to protect itself from the greatest threats to its strategy, finances, and operations.

An organization’s failure in risk management can ultimately lead to its demise due to operational oversights. These oversights can lead to incidents that impact an organization in its entirety, causing harm and resulting in serious setbacks. Organizations, therefore, need a focused approach to internal audit and risk management to ensure these risks are identified and mitigated.

The risk advisory specialists at RSM Mauritius focus on delivering bespoke internal auditing solutions that provide the assurance and advice you need and suit the way you do business. We can provide extensive industry knowledge surrounding regulatory requirements, sector specialisms, and technical risk expertise that we will tailor to the specifics of your organization.

We also assist with outsourcing/co-sourcing, internal audit transformation, and internal audit start-up, as well as helping clients improve their internal controls to boost efficiency and value.

Identify and mitigate the most serious risks to your business

Our risk advisory services identify the strategic, operational, and financial risks present within organizations and provide the required assurance and advice. RSM then works to implement risk management solutions to ensure your systems, processes, people, and working practices are all aligned for the purpose of managing risks and achieving your business objectives.

We identify areas of control weakness and then agree a range of prioritized corrective actions with key management. This sets out a clear path for continual improvement and risk mitigation within an organization, which ensures long-term safeguarding. RSM also helps organizations that already have some of the necessary risk management skills by providing supplementary expertise where needed.

Some of our clients require full outsourced solutions, while others already have established internal auditing functions and simply need specialist co-sourced support. Whatever your organization’s needs, our experienced internal audit and risk management specialists are ready to help you improve your systems of governance, risk, and control.

Governance and risk

Effective risk management and good governance are the bedrock of all successful organizations. If these areas don’t function as intended, the ramifications can be deeply damaging. But when organizations implement the right risk advisory solutions, they can become more efficient, more effective, and better at delivering what their customers want.

The reality is that few organizations take stock and ensure their risk management and governance arrangements are as effective as they should or could be. This often only changes when the organization is driven by regulators to do so, or when the cracks are starting to show – though by then it is often too late.

It is quite straightforward really: the less that goes wrong in your organization, the less (unexpected) cost you will incur when putting it right.

RSM’s governance and risk advisory specialists are here to help you ensure you get the most value from your governance and risk management. We achieve this through reviewing, refining, designing, and implementing practical and proportionate governance and risk management solutions.

Financial services compliance

The increasing complexities of today’s regulated financial environment mean more challenges to businesses. It is now critical that organizations can navigate and adhere to regulations and compliance requirements to operate effectively and legally.

Our team has evolved with these regulations and can provide a full suite of compliance management services to guide our clients through uncertainty:

  • Ease your workload – we will work alongside your compliance team, filling any skills gaps to help meet objectives.
  • Tailored compliance monitoring – we will integrate with your first, second, and third line of defense functions to undertake selected monitoring as required.
  • Expert guidance – we will navigate the complexities of regulatory standards and advise where your financial processes need adjusting.

Risk management specialists you can trust

Come to RSM if you need help with internal auditing or managing risk. Our global team of risk advisory specialists is here to help you.

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