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Capital markets

Our capital markets expertise enables us to support your organisation with its flotation, acquisitions, fundraising or de-listing plans.

Floating a company on a public market is just one of the options available to an organisation that is looking to do any of the following:

  • raise funds;
  • increase its profile;
  • provide an exit strategy for incumbent owners;
  • incentivise employees by enabling them to hold a stake in the company; and
  • allow for acquisitions to be made through issuing new equity rather than for cash.

Although commonly referred to as an ‘IPO’ (an Initial Public Offering), in fact flotations can take many forms. These include:

  • placings (where a limited number of corporate or private investors are invited to invest);
  • true IPOs (where shares are offered directly to the public); and
  • introductions (where no new money is raised, but the company’s existing share capital becomes listed on a stock exchange).

RSM’s experts are ready to assist you with any of these. We can also provide services to existing public companies, such as reverse acquisitions, secondary fundraising, disposals and other public company transactions.

Due diligence

We have earned a reputation for providing timely, relevant and value added due diligence advice and reports. Make sure you have the information you need before making critical decisions, with the help of our financial due diligence team. 

Without doubt, the success of an acquisition to an acquirer, be it a corporate or financial investor, can be significantly influenced by the extent and quality of the due diligence undertaken. Financial due diligence is a key aspect of the overall investigation into the target.

Our financial due diligence team comprises specialists who are deeply committed and experienced in providing:

  • due diligence for investors, banks and private equity houses (e.g. when considering funding a management buy-out); 
  • due diligence for corporate acquirers, in which case we report to the acquirer and, where appropriate, their funders; 
  • vendor due diligence – this is commissioned by a vendor, but remains a robust independent review upon which a purchaser can ultimately place legal reliance. It identifies potential issues and reduces the probability of these being used by a purchaser to reduce the price. This is because they can be presented in a managed way by the vendor, rather than being identified by the purchaser and used as a negotiating tool against the vendor.

The specifics of the deal always determine the scope of financial due diligence. However, the process typically includes:

  • an in-depth analysis of underlying historic performance, cash flows, assets and liabilities;
  • a critique of management's forecasts, including the working capital requirements of the business;
  • a review of the underlying financial systems and controls; and
  • analysis of the taxation position of the business.

Our reports will also include:

  • a summary of the key issues that have been identified by our work; and
  • our views on the associated risk and implications for the deal, including integration and other post-deal issues where appropriate.

We have a reputation for thoroughness, so you can transact with more confidence, knowing that any issues have been properly reviewed and thought through. Also, we aim to identify key issues at the earliest stage so you can reach a ‘go/no-go’ decision earlier.

Financial modelling

Helping to support your financial decision-making process

RSM’s experienced team can develop new tools to support your decisions, provide independent assurance over your financial models, and give your staff the training they need. We’re also on hand with a range of forensic support services when required. 

Financial models and analyses, in all their forms, play a crucial role in supporting corporate decision making and communication. At RSM we have a top-class financial modelling team, helping to give our clients more confidence in their decision making.

We do this both by developing decision support tools and by providing independent assurance over such tools.

Model development services

We can help with your financial modelling and analytical needs, from basic cash-flow forecasting and strategic planning, through complex transactional and bid support models, to data analytics.

Mergers & acquisition 

RSM’s specialist team supports shareholders, management teams and other interested parties with advice based on our unique depth and breadth of experience.

To ensure we’re able to provide the best advice to quoted companies, private shareholders, management teams and private equity houses, we’ve invested nationally and internationally in building a specialist team from a range of backgrounds. These include industry, investment banking, management consultancy, specialist boutiques and big four accountancy firms

Our advice covers:

  • private shareholders on preparing for and maximising value from the sale of their businesses;
  • management teams on negotiating terms and raising private equity and/or debt finance to support a management buy-out or buy-in;
  • corporate and private shareholders on raising private equity and/or debt finance for growth, cash out or recapitalisation; and
  • a plc board (Official List and AIM) in relation to: acquisitions and disposals, bid support or defence, and public to privates.

We also provide acquisition support services to both private equity and corporate acquirers.

Project finance

With our advisory team combined with our record of structuring transactions across a wide range of sectors, RSM is well equipped to provide the tailored service you need for your project. 

RSM’s project finance advisory team works closely with our financial modelling and debt advisory colleagues to deliver a first-rate service. 

The market is shifting and evolving in response to the backlog of investment in infrastructure, coupled with the pressures on funding and liquidity arising from the economic climate. With our network, experience and knowledge, RSM can help you identify and deliver robust funding solutions for your projects.

The range of services we provide includes:

  • assessing the financial and commercial feasibility of projects;
  • project management;
  • international tax and accounting expertise;
  • financial modelling, model assurance and analysis;
  • risk and value for money analysis;
  • bid preparation and evaluation;
  • financial structuring and fundraising; and
  • deal structuring and negotiation support.
  • Our team operates in two main market segments:


RSM’s seasoned team gives clients a real insight into the valuation process. Our open, collaborative process enables our views to be rigorously tested, resulting in conclusions that give you total confidence.

Is it worth it…what should I pay…how do I value it…what can I be criticised for?

So many questions face us on valuations, whether we’re operating in the commercial, public or third sector.

Your need to obtain a valuation could have arisen from a whole host of reasons, including:

  • an exiting shareholder that needs to be bought out;
  • for supporting negotiations in a trade sale, merger, restructuring or fundraising;
  • for bank security purposes;
  • in litigation or matrimonial cases;
  • for financial reporting purposes; and
  • for taxation purposes.

At RSM, we have a dedicated valuation team who can help with all aspects of valuation. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients, and our valuation services are much more than just fixing a value. Our aim is to provide our clients with a clear understanding of how the values have been derived so key assumptions can be robustly tested and explored. This is achieved by clearly presenting and discussing our research and views, enabling you to gain real insight into the valuation process.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how our dedicated valuation team can help your organisation.

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