Over the last year, societies, organisations and governments the world over have been coming to terms with the accelerated change instigated by the global pandemic, attempting to transform themselves to meet the evolving
and increasingly challenging expectations of business leaders, workers and consumers. It is clear that we have entered a new business age - an age when digital-first, data-driven technological solutions are assumed; an age
when flexible, virtual and agile working is the norm; an age when environmentalism and brand purpose are critical for relevance; an age of new industries, new entrepreneurs and new growth opportunities.

RSM has termed this as ‘The Transformation Era’. As a global organisation, we are accelerating our own transformation agenda, while playing an active role in supporting our clients to transform. The Transformation Era is characterised by continuous and accelerated change across a range of business-critical areas. To cater for this, we are proactively building on our agility and resilience by putting in place new technologies to deepen our dedication to quality and trust, evolving our brand and purpose, exploring new services while developing our existing offering, and empowering our people with data and automated systems towards delivering an exceptional client experience.