Risk advisory

In an ever-changing commercial landscape, all businesses face an increasing number of uncertainties. These can significantly challenge the best organisations, jeopardising their ability to achieve objectives through material loss or opportunity. There is now a greater priority given to identifying the key risks your business faces and managing these risks on a continuous basis.

We provide risk advisory services which allow your organisation to benefit from leading edge, practical advice tailored specifically to your business that delivers added value to you and your stakeholders. We specialise in working with organisations like yours to successfully balance risk and control to enhance the value that you deliver to stakeholders. Our risk advisory services include:

Fraud prevention, investigation and forensic accounting

Fraud, disputes and professional negligence are growing concerns for all organisations and require experts who can help minimise your exposure and address breaches of security. Such incidences can have serious consequences in terms of financial loss, business performance, staff morale, negative publicity or regulatory infringement. Our integrated approach is designed to help prevent, detect and/ or investigate fraud. We have forensic consultants and accountants who are actively involved in civil and criminal cases, utilising accounting, auditing and investigation skills to deliver an independent opinion in clear terms.

Information systems assurance

Information security and business continuity measures are important and potentially costly areas for all organisations. Businesses are increasingly reliant upon electronic data and supporting technology to connect to customers, vendors and the general public. If systems are faulty in design, lack effective controls or security management is poor, this may have serious financial, legal or reputational implications. Our information systems assurance advisors will gain an understanding of your organisation and the specific risks you face in relation to data security and integrity. By applying our experience and expertise we will identify and manage immediate risks, while considering your corporate objectives, to provide critical and effective solutions that will meet your needs.

Internal audit

The increased focus on governance and controls has raised the profile and responsibility of internal auditors, who are assuming a more strategic role within all organisations. We will explore ways to meet your objectives and to improve upon existing arrangements and operations. We can provide a range of support including fully outsourced solutions, to working in partnership with your in-house internal audit teams, as well as individual reviews of specialist business areas. Such delivery models offer the advantage of scalability and flexibility, which is especially beneficial in the current economic climate. Our audit teams provide internal audit services of the highest quality to suit the needs of your business and your stakeholders. The approaches adopted comply with the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

Risk management consultancy

The effective introduction, implementation and embedding of risk management systems within an organisation's own strategic and operational decision making processes is essential for an organisation's success. Our risk management specialists can prepare a risk management strategy with policies covering your people, your computers and information systems and internal control procedures and security. In addition, we will provide management training to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

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