The extent and depth of the global recession resulting from the pandemic, and its effect across the world means new thinking will be essential to put in place a sustainable economic recovery. This may put a premium on those policies that prioritise immediate economic growth. So, what has changed due to COVID-19 that makes The  Ex’tax Project vision more important and relevant, and where does it sit in relation to the many other competing priorities that now exist?

Join Rob Mander, RSM International, and Femke Groothuis of the Ex’tax Foundation for a webinar on 23 September as they discuss:

  • Unemployment: the pandemic caused massive unemployment and the need to re-engage huge numbers of people in the workforce.
  • Healthcare, social services, emergency response teams: since the start of the pandemic, there has been increasing public awareness of the social values of these. Is our current tax system effective in supporting these services?
  • Environmental factors and climate: the tax system generally does not encourage re-use and/or reductions in use and tax revenues from the extractive industries remain very significant for governments. What must change if the tax system is to support sustainability? 
  • Green travel – As a result of the pandemic, the travel, tourism, entertainment, and hospitality industries have fallen off a very steep cliff, and the journey back will be hard. Is it reasonable to impose green credentials on the travel industry as it tries to recover, or is the economic recovery so important this can be deferred?

The webinar takes place on Wednesday September 23, at 10:00 and at 18:00 (GMT + 2), and will be delivered in English. You can register for your preferred time slot below: