Advisory Services

The Nordics is known for having a strong capital market. Business combinations and IPOs (Initial Public Offering) are common. Through our Nordic team of Accounting Specialists we monitor the developments within the capital markets, accounting and financial reporting. We can assist you in capital market transactions, business combinations, group accounting and implementation of policy’s, routines and accounting systems.

We have developed a method to assist you when implementing new accounting standards or when changing GAAP, e.g. from K3 to IFRS. Our method facilitates the transition, in order to make it structured and efficient. At the same time we monitor the developments in Accounting practice (GAAP), to ensure that you are up-to-date on any changes that might have impact on the financial reports of your company.


Your personal financial reporting advisor

A conversion to IFRS is often a big decision for an organisation. We can support you in preparatory analysis, by which the Board of Directors and the CFO will get supporting documentation and analysis of the impact, before making a decision to convert. Pros and Cons are evaluated, as well as key impact on the Financial reports. 

Services we can offer with regards to Financial reporting:

  • Group accounting and support when implementing consolidation tools and systems
  • Technical advice on accounting topics, e.g. IFRS and K3
  • IFRS conversion 
  • Drafting of internal policy’s and guidelines, e.g. accounting and financial manuals
  • Compliance at Capital markets 
  • Preparation of external and internal financial reports

Global network

We work in close collaboration with the Nordic RSM offices and are often involved in international transactions, both with private equity and industrial clients. Through the RSM network, we have access to broad global expertise and additional capabilities. We can therefore put together teams across national borders when the transactions require this. 



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